How to get in touch with Clapi ? With an e-mail : Claudia.pistritto@gmail.com ; Or on Discord : Clapiart#8324

→ We will exchange about what you want for your project, so I can give you an estimated price.

→ Please be as clear as possible on what you want in the final result. The more I know of what's in your mind, the closest to your expectations the illustration will be. Visual references are greatly appreciated, they will make the understanding of your universe easier for me.

Why do I have to send a signed quote ? A signed quote is an equivalent to a contract.

→ The signed quote become a contract between you and me, but over all it is an important document because it includes the assignements of copyrights. (Cession de droit d'auteurs in French) This document will grant you the exclusive diffusion rights of the image, if a commercial use have been negotiated (the creator of the image keep his right of diffusion thought.).
Any person who has not this permission granted will be in the fault of counterfeit and could be sued if necessary.

→ For obvious reasons, the cessation of copyrights will be valid and active as soon as the last payment is received.

. Is the quote mandatory? For commercial use yes, for private use no.

→ For Commercial Use, yes the quote is a contract containing the assignements of copyright to authorize the exploitation of the art. See previous question.

→ For Private Use, if managing the quote intimidates you, it is possible that I will send you an invoice directly. But in this case, I request the full payment in advance to start the order.

How do I pay ? Payment will be done by bank transfer, or by PayPal.

→ When the quote is confirm online, I will be able to send you a 50% advance bill with my bank details linked to it (only available for purchases that are €100 or above).

→ Any commands under €100 must be fully paid in advance

→ I will start to work on your picture when the first payment is received.

→In case of a PayPal payment, a payment invitation will be sent to you by a link paypal.me

What can I do while the work is done ? Can I see WIPs (work in progress) ? Can I suggest corrections ?

→ With the base of our first exchanges regarding your project, I will propose a first sketch. Be really attentive to it because it is really important for the next steps of the work ! Every modification are still possible at this state, as they stay in what we discuss in the first discussion while doing the quote. I'm only human after all, I could misunderstood something or forgot to incorporate a very significant detail.

→ When the sketch is validated and locked, a cleaned version of the drawing will be sent to be sure that nothing has been missed before the final steps. Be aware that with the cleaned version of the illustration, major arrangements like, changing the pose, or the composition, is now unavailable. We can still adjust small details like, wrong proportion or scale, a facial expression that need a subtle correction, are indeed possible. If you are not sure of the general ambience or the colors you asked for the illustration, a rough preview of the colors can be asked.

→ The clean version is validated ? It's time for the great final ! Here, only color adjustments will be possible.
When the final version is validated, you will receive it in HD for your personal use and in low quality for WEB posts, with that you will get the bill for the rest of the payment.

If I don't dare to ask for a correction ?

→ Dont be shy, or have any remorses to “disturb me”, tell me right away if you want to change anything. What matters the most to me, is that you are happy when you receive the final work. If you hesitate to leave something that you don't like, it's possible that at the end you will see nothing but this detail. So let's avoid that problem as much as possible ! ;)

Why a Version for the Web and an HD version ?

→ Only share the work with the WEB version. Keep the HD one only for impression and in your personal folders. Having the HD version of a work is a proof that you own it in case of theft or abusive usage.

I do not have a lot of money, can I still purchase something ?

→ Orders under €100, only gets the first sketch validation. After that, the artist will do the work until it's finished.

→ If you have a precise budget, you can tell me about it and I will suggest a solution for you.

I'm not sure to know exactly what I want, can we do some tests ?

→ Sometimes it happens that we are not sure of what we want, and that we need some sketch or sort of test phase before being certain of a direction for our order. If it's your case, say it and we will discuss in order to narrow things down. If you are still not sure even after the discussion, we can add a paid searching phase at the quote.

Can I order Fan art ? Can you do my MMORPG character ?
→ I'm really respectful regarding copyrights, so I will accept fan art orders only if the copyright owner is known to be okay with fan art, and the commission of their characters from individual to other artists. Making money without the authorization of the Copyright owner is making me counterfeit, getting paid for a fan art will put me in this position.

→ If you want to order some fan art, I will need some solid proof that the copyright owner is fine with commissions and fan art. The fact that the owner is ignoring or do not engage legal pursuit is not a proof itself.

Examples :
Arena.net as communicated in its forum, that they have no problems with players commissioning for a fan art of they Playable Character from Guild Wars 2

MiHoYo, Genshin Impact's editor as indicated that they are more than okay with fans making art or products of their game, with certain conditions thought.

Can I make an N/F/T from the illustration ?

→ You absolutely can NOT. At this day, I do not wish to mint my work, and do not wish to support this practice.
If any of my work turns out to be on any N/F/T platform, it will be considered as stolen.