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Contact me :


• Send me a reference of your character or the images that inspired your idea.
•I can draw all types of characters.
•Mechs will ask for solid visual references. 

•No fanart unless authorized by rights holders. (Ex: Mihoyo, GW2)
•No NSFW or Free Extreme Gore .
•A sexy pose, a sensual attitude is ok.
•A little story-justified blood is ok. (Ex: punch/sword)

•Payment by bank transfer or paypal.
•Orders of 100 euros and less will be paid in full in advance.
•These prices are base prices that will increase with complexity.

•Small streamers: commercial license for web use is included.
•Streamers with 15k+ follow: commercial web license +50% of the price.
•Commercial use for derived products to be discussed.

•You cannot modify the final image delivered without my agreement.
•Cropping it to make an avatar or a banner is allowed.
•If you want to keep your commission secret, specify it.
•I may stream the production of your commission on twitch. 

• Contact via DM Twitter/Discord or email: •